08.08.2022 •

Farm to table Reishi Part 1 (cultivation)

The most significant factor in which made Red Reishi a highly valuable herb was due to its scarcity in the wild, and its difficulty in propagating through traditional farming. Reishi requires a very particular environment to grow well, and under unpredictable natural circumstances, the mushroom is almost never in abundance even during harvest. Fortunately, with the advances made by reishi pioneers, like Fumimaru Mayuzumi, it has allowed us to properly and consistently cultivate Reishi mushrooms at its maximum potency of essential nutrients.  This method pioneered by Mayuzumi, is known as natural wood-log cultivation.

This method is first accomplished by grafting the fungi onto aged oak wood-logs and covered with nutrient-rich topsoil, mimicking its natural growing medium. The logs are placed inside the greenhouse with a sanitized irrigation system, with constant monitoring of temperature, light, and humidity, as well as ensuring ventilation and partial shade from sunlight. It is adamant to note that no agricultural chemicals or pesticides are used to allow harmless insects and weed to live, recreating what would be normally seen in the wild. After the reishi spores break out from the cap of the fruiting body and coat the soil reddish-brown, the mature reishi fungi are ready to be harvested, carefully hand-cut and collected.

Thanks to Mayuzumi and his research team for their efforts in establishing this cultivation method, we now have direct access to high quality Red Reishi products.


Adrien Ip graduated from the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vancouver as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is currently a CTCMA-accredited Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Having completed his internship in Taiwan, Adrien has extensive practical experience in a hospital setting, including training in the intensive care and oncology unit. Currently, Adrien has a private practice in Vancouver and Richmond, British Columbia, focusing on internal medicine, autoimmune diseases and various complicated illnesses using a combination of herbs and acupuncture. Besides clinical practice, Adrien is also an instructor at TCICTCM, sharing his knowledge through the teaching of theoretical and clinical courses