04.04.2022 •

An interview with Dr. Meg Jordan

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Red reishi has been getting attention in the last few years for a variety of health benefits, but for those who might not be familiar with it, what IS red reishi?

Red reishi is an adaptogenic herbal mushroom highly valued in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. It is considered an “adaptogen” because it adapts to your body’s needs to help fight against external stressors that may bring your body out of balance.

What does red reishi do?

A better question might be what doesn’t it do? I have heard many stories from people saying red reishi has helped them in everything from cardiovascular health and immune system disorders, to helping with weight loss and the effects of chemotherapy. Even if you don’t have any health concerns, red reishi is a great preventative measure. Eastern medicine focuses on strengthening the body and immune system to prevent illnesses from happening in the first place. Red reishi builds up the body’s defenses against “stressors” such as colds and flu, anxiety, high blood pressure, infections and other threats. If not these, you will surely benefit from the increase in energy that can get you through your day without the sudden crash that coffee may cause.

Where does red reishi come from?

I have come across many different “versions” of red reishi supplements over the years, and I have found that the most superior, authentic red reishi comes from Japan. Naturally growing red reishi is very rare and difficult to find, so it requires a meticulous process of cultivation and extraction. The Japanese were the first to understand exactly what kind of conditions would result in the highest quality, mature red reishi over 30 years ago. To this day, the quality of Japanese red reishi is unsurpassed.

Why do you choose Mikei Red Reishi?

A part of my daily routine is to take a red reishi extract supplement everyday and I always take Mikei Red Reishi. I have seen a lot of different companies unsuccessfully try to imitate what Mikei has been doing for years. Mikei uses natural wood log cultivation and hot water extraction from full grown reishi. Using these techniques ensure that Mikei Red Reishi capsules contain the highest levels of phytonutrients such as ganoderic acids, and polysaccharides in the most bio-available form. No other red reishi product has given me the same proven results that I’ve experienced with Mikei.