03.15.2016 •

Japanese Red Reishi and Mental Fatigue

Japanese Red Reishi and Mental Fatigue-1

Extreme mental fatigue, and/or mental exhaustion are symptoms commonly associated with burnout and other illnesses like chronic fatigue syndrome. Due to the interconnected nature of the mind-body, it is common also for some to experience progressively worsening physical and emotional symptoms as well such as frequent illness, headaches, widespread body pain, loss of motivation, changes in appetite and sleep, and a desire to isolate.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) teaches that for a person to be healthy and vital, qi (chee) and blood must circulate freely and abundantly within the body. Extreme fatigue/exhaustion is viewed as a significant deficiency of these essential resources. When a person becomes weakened by illness and/or chronic stress, the bodily functions responsible for both the production and circulation these vital resources ultimately becomes deficient as well. As a result, widespread dysfunction occurs.

What can you do?
Finding ways to manage stress, like engaging in mind-body practices such as yoga and meditation, taking breaks from technology as well as seeking out professional help to assist with dietary changes and other practices such as acupuncture is helpful for anyone suffering with this debilitating condition. Modern research too has shown that supplementation with herbs such as Japanese Reishi (Ling Zhi in Chinese herbal medicine), may provide significant improvements in a person’s energy, sleep, and overall physical and mental endurance.

Can Reishi really help?
Reishi mushrooms are possibly one of the body’s most significant allies when it comes to improving one’s overall health. As one of the best-known adaptogens, the fruiting body Japanese Reishi is rich in polysaccharides like reishi-beta-glucan, and triterpenes such as ganoderic acid. These substances not only help to improve immune functioning, and reduce inflammation, but also act to protect against overall systemic damage caused by stress.

Although western science continues to investigate the physiological benefits of Reishi, it certainly is not ‘new’ medicine. Used for thousands of years in TCM and other Asian practices it comes as no surprise to those who practice Asian medicine that Reishi is proven to do all that it does. Commonly known as the “herb of spiritual essence and immortality”, Reishi has long been revered for its ability to strengthen and rebuild vital qi of the body in order to preserve life.

Extreme mental fatigue and exhaustion should be signs to you that your internal environment is out of balance. Seek the advice and guidance of a qualified health professional to assist you, and get better faster.


Dr. Kim Schneberk (Graham) has dedicated the majority of her practice to the treatment of addiction and mental Illness, developing and implementing TCM-based programs for various public and private agencies in B.C. Passionate about TCM, Dr. Schneberk has been active in many areas of her profession involving education, public speaking, regulation (CTCMA) and as an appointed Professional Member to the Healthcare Practitioners Special Committee for Audit with the Ministry of Health, B.C.