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Mikei® Mushroom Stick Ramen is inspired by the traditional dish found in the streets of Japan.  The noodles and soup base are crafted with extracts of fish and seven kinds of mushrooms.  Enjoy Mikei Mushroom Stick Ramen, an umami taste of Japan, from the comfort of your home.

  • Five types of mushroom extracts are used: red reishi, maitake, kiirotake, shiitake, fukurotake, chakitake and chitake mushroom
  • Our new noodle recipe has the perfect, smooth texture to easily absorb the umami broth.
  • A secret Mayuzumi family recipe
  • Two types of mushroom extracts are used: chakitakshroom
  • Fish extract
  • Contains only leek and garlic oil

Known as the “Mushroom of Immortality”, it has a bitter taste but attributes to many health benefits.

A fragrant fungus used extensively in Asian cuisine; it is also known as the “Straw Mushroom”.

These dark brown mushrooms give a bold umami flavour.

This “Golden Oyster Mushrooms” has a balanced nutty flavour.

Also known as the “Dancing Mushroom”, it has a delicate, earthy flavour.

This voluminous mushroom is known for its milky features.

This “Chestnut mushroom”has a bold, and delicious fragrance.

Step 1:Bring 500 ml of water to a boil.

Step 2:Add one packet of stick ramen and cook for 3 to 4 minutes.

Step 3:Turn off the heat and add both the mushroom sauce and vegetable oil into the boiled ramen.

Step 4:Serve the stick ramen with the soup and enjoy!

Suggestion: Serve with various vegetables or meat.

To help share their love of mushrooms to the world, the Mayuzumis created Mikei® Mushroom Stick Ramen, a unique ramen using high quality mushroom extracts. Mikei® Stick Ramen is a Mayuzumi family recipe that anyone can enjoy from the comfort of their home.

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